It is said that a human being has thousands of wishes, while a sick one has just one: TO GET HEALTHY! I would like to help you to fulfill this wish to get healthy.

Therefore I am happy to share with you my understanding of:

  • What is healing?
  • How is the session working?
  • Who may receive healing?
  • Who am I?

What is healing?

For me, everything that brings you away from yourself is a disease.
Thus, healing consists in bringing you back in aline your inner oneness, to allow you to fully enjoy your life!
Each healing session intend to bring you closer to yourself.

How is the session working?

Sometimes, you can’t get in touch with your inner self on your own. In the healing sessions, I act as a medium to help you to reconnect to yourself.
Because all are different human beings, everyone carrying various issues, my methods are tailored to adapt themselves accordingly.

The work can be done in two different ways and every person can choose how it fits her/him best:

  • Hands on healing or
  • Distance healing

Who may receive healing?

The healing sessions address anyone who wants to feel pain – free and happier with her/himself, regardless of the issue – may it be  physical (wounds, fractures, illness), emotional (fear, blockages) or psychic (patterns, habits, addictions).

Who am I?

“I am Oliver and I was born in Germany where I worked for more than ten years as a sculpture artist doing restoring and conservation work. Since 2013, I have been traveling around Asia, living mostly in Bali and India where I have been able to study Ashtanga Yoga and where I have got in touch with spirituality and wellness.

A few years ago, it appeared to me clearly that my purpose in life is to aid anyone that feels pain, hurt or unhappiness, to reconnect with her/himself.

I now entirely dedicate myself to this purpose.
Wishing you lots of smiles.”